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Things which we would take off from your shoulders

Things which we would take off from your shoulders

Email Management

Quick and effective management of your inbox so that every email is answered with promptness and no crucial business email is ever missed.

Travel Assistance

From picking the perfect hotel within your budget, to booking your travel ticket at the most cost-effective rate, we at VA Talks make sure that you come back from your trip with a smile!

Online Research

If you want a web research done, rest assured that we at VA Talks are masters at that. From finding statistics online to searching any data for you, we save you a great deal of time and energy.

Calender Managament

From fixing your appointments to managing these entries into your business calendar, we at VA Talks can help to keep you updated prior to your scheduled engagements.

Data Management

Effective Data Management is the base of most successful organizations worldwide. The ability to acquire, process and present data in a comprehensive format is what our VAs can help you with.

Administrative Assistance

A good administration is the key to most business’ success. Our VAs are equipped to organize your meetings as well as handle your clients on your behalf.


Our VAs provides word processing services for audio/video files within minimum time allotment. You could record a business meeting and get us to transcribe it for you.

Social Media Management

Having a business profile in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit gives your company a greater edge in the digital market. We help your business acquire a solid social media presence that helps in lead generation as well as traffic increase.

Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy is the blend of good market research and the right focus in your product so as to achieve maximum profitability. We at VA Talks can plan a market strategy for you through careful market analysis and survey so as to achieve required profit potential.


Cut edge presentations provide quicker results. Enthral your clients with impactful business presentations designed for you by VA Talks.

From something as trivial as fixing your personal appointments to tasks as complex as cold calling for lead generation, VA Talks executives make sure that you are always at the top.

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