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How intelligent are Virtual Assistants?

How intelligent are Virtual Assistants?

Sometimes the job of a virtual assistant is described as mundane, soul-destroying, dull, monotonous or whatever adjective best comes to one’s mind when describing anything that is listless or boring. So, quite evidently virtual assistance is often associated with the dull and tedious, and a virtual assistant is equated to a machine with no shred of spontaneity or creativity. Well, this is as far from the truth as it can possibly be!

Every job in this world comes with its own set of ennui, and how many of us can declare proudly that our jobs have always been an adventurous rollercoaster ride and only do the things that we immensely enjoy? Well, most of us can’t, because the truth of it is that every job has its own listless phase. However, virtual assistance is a job that does not come with its set of bound parameters. Unlike most jobs, a virtual assistant knows not what his day is going to be like and what he is going to do! Well, I would assert that, that is quite an adventure indeed! A virtual assistant can be asked to do anything under the sun! So, one morning a virtual assistant may need to be the morning alarm for a client or sing his client’s fiancé a happy birthday song and the next day he may be marketing and evaluating a client’s product and analysing the competition in the market and the next day again he can be a data management expert processing large quantities of data in an excel spreadsheet. So, We would like to ask you instead, how can anybody possibly equate a VA to a machine and question a VA’s intelligence?

It takes great deal of management skills, flexibility and adaptability to juggle different jobs with different requirements and skill sets every single day. And how can someone who plunges into the unknown be anything other than spontaneous! A virtual assistant at VA Talks who is dedicated to his job can sometimes work 24/7 round the clock to finish that project of yours that has its deadline looming closer and closer, and the only reason a VA at VA Talks is so sincere is because he equates his success with yours. If you are satisfied with your VA’s job, VA Talks considers his job well- accomplished. Sometimes, you may be astonished with the attention to detail and perfection for a job that your VA has, and you may ultimately realize that sometimes your virtual assistant may end up doing a better job than you would have, if you had the time.

The only closest possible comparison to a machine that a virtual assistant can have is the level of efficiency. Just like a machine, and that also a state-of-the-art one, a virtual assistant at VA Talks provides the same level of dedication and output irrespective of the pressure around him!

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