VA Talks Services Private Limited is a virtual assistance company situated in the heart of Kolkata, West Bengal in India. A young start-up, VA Talks came into operation in the year 2015. A virtual assistance company is a company that delivers any sort of professional assistance to its providers virtually. A VA (virtual assistant) is a business professional who provides business assistance through the use of the internet and its various applications such as email, Skype, instant messaging, and any modes of online communication.

Our services are 24×7. Thus, irrespective of what time a particular task needs to be executed, virtual assistance from our organization is always available to execute it. Moreover, all the executives are experts in various specializations, therefore, enabling the best possible results in accordance with the current market.


  • Satisfy: Our first and foremost aim is to give our clients good services. We do not want anyone spending good money on us uselessly, so, we endeavor to provide optimal services to all our users.
  • Explore: In today’s technologically driven environment, there is nothing that cannot be done digitally. For us, digital is the future and we endeavor to explore and push the realms to the utmost.
  • Develop: Develop new and innovative methods and strategies to provide a customer with maximum assistance.


VA Talks’ vision is to take virtual assistance to a futuristic level and to see maximum people benefitting from its use. VA Talks envisions that one-day technology will break all barriers; distance or otherwise, and allow people from all over the world to work seamlessly.

The VA Talks team has 2 directors who have co-founded this company. Both the directors were veterans in the virtual assistance industry prior to starting this company.

The management team consists of the following experts:


Sam Gupta


I am a seasoned virtual assistant, digital marketer, leader and strategist. I have been working in the virtual assistance industry for quite a while now and hence I am an expert when it comes anything that can be done virtually.

I co-founded VA Talks in 2015 and the number of happy clients that we have acquired in such a short span of time speaks for us. For me there is only one motto- Never ever compromise on quality. For me, work is worship. From a very young age, I have learnt that if one perseveres success is bound to come to you; there are no other shortcuts.

I have been very inspired and motivated by what Winston Churchill said: “If you are going through hell, keep going” and that is how I have always functioned. I have never learned to give up. When I co-founded VA Talks, the odds were against us what with so many VA companies already in the market. Nevertheless, I soldiered on and allowed my work to speak for itself.

I have worn many hats in my career- customer service executive, quality auditor, researcher, supervisor, operations manager, strategist and today, an entrepreneur. Thus, I am capable of managing diverse projects and as well handle complex situations.

My specialities include: Virtual assistance- social media, business strategizing and development, web management, data management, qualitative research, transcription, administrative assistance, and customer service.


Om Sinha


An accomplished web developer and designer, Mr. Sinha, who is the CTO is an expert when it comes to programming and coding. Mr. Sinha brings his proven successes in web development and designing to VA Talks.