‘Let’s do it some other time, shall we?’ – This is the building block of excuses we make on a daily basis to avoid our beautiful destinations. We alter our life goals to get that extra hour of sleep and comfort. We shift words and ideas to let our excuses win over our minds. And, that’s where our pause is demanded. Take a deep breath and read out the words aloud you choose while making excuses. Let’s further explore how you can be more stronger than your excuses:

1) Pause and reflect on the words of your excuses:

The choice of words matters a lot. When we are making excuses, we’re in some way providing comfort to ourselves or avoiding extreme discomfort. But, do you not want to explore beyond your comfort zone? Do you not want to dive deeper into the skies of possibilities? Is comfort zone and escape the only answer that your mind provides you with? Dig deeper. Pause. Dig deeper. You’ll get your answers. Slowly.

2) Prioritize strength over weakness:

strength over weakness

Have you ever noticed the body language you display while making excuses? It’s a lack of defense, miserable, and weak. You don’t raise your head while making an excuse. Rather, you stoop low. Well, is that how you want to communicate with your body? Rather than embodying strength, do you choose weakness? Ponder.

3) Question and answer your why’s:

Before you come to the conclusion of not doing a certain activity, bombard yourself with why s Ask yourself, why does this certain activity annoy you. Ask why you’re choosing, you escape it, ask the why’s of not confronting. You’ll notice a shift as many a times we are left with no to little why’s.

4) Challenge your why’s:

If your why is stronger, give power to the work that needs to be done. Shift your focus towards the consequences of doing and not doing a certain thing. Challenge yourself to the point that you feel confident to do the activity you’ve been avoiding. Weaken your ways to get to your glorious destination.

5) Shift your position:

Sleeping, laying down and working don’t go along. Stand upright and decide. Move your body. Avoid slumping your shoulders. Wash your face, if need be. Walk around a bit. Go outside. Interact with your surroundings and ecosystem. There is a lot that movement can do. A lot of wonders happen when you shift your body.

6) Speak to yourself, you’re your first inspiration:

Encourage yourself, speak to yourself – you’ve a lot to teach your own self. Motivate it. Nudge it. Be gentle. Be powerful while you reach your destination. Repeat to yourself what are your priorities. Make room for productive self-talk. In the end, it’s you who will reap the benefits.

By now, you know, how you can challenge your excuses. Anytime you feel low on it, we at VA Talks know the power of gentle nudges. Reach our, so we may together challenge those excuses even before they attempt to overwhelm you.