Business Process Outsourcing

With signs of a tight fisted economy ahead of us, cost cutting without compromising on work productivity as well as quality, has become one of the salient requisites of most organizations. However, cost reduction is not the only benefit obtained from outsourcing. Besides the obvious, outsourcing would allow your company to focus on its core domains without being bogged down with the functioning of your company's appendages. Also, outsourcing allows you to acquire skilled resources by hiring someone who is innovative and fast enough to evolve and adapt with the changing times.

IT Outsourcing

Most companies are renegotiating and reassembling their sourcing model to include something that is cutting edge and technologically driven to maximise profitability and productivity. Information Technology enabled services, application services and infrastructure solutions, utility software services, software as a service (SaaS) as well as cloud-based solutions outsourcing can propel you towards higher impact outcomes with a strong customer satisfaction.

As today business and technology are intricately interwoven, it is quite impossible to imagine one without the other. So, while designing your sourcing model it is imperative that one takes both these factors into account. The technology that can mobilise your business is already here, for e.g, cloud computing, Business intelligence, descriptive and predictive analysis, however, we must know how to optimize (utilize) these innovations to drive our business.

Financial Services

A flexible and supple approach to financial outsourcing VA Talks gives you a dynamic tool for a tight rein over your business applications. Our Accounting and Financial services include: Audit, Expense Management, General accounting, Billing, Financial Reporting, Inventory Accounting, Analysis of receivables and payables, Preparation of Tax Returns


Sometimes you may get frustrated searching for the optimal talent acquisition to supplement your organization's recruitment. Our RPO solutions effectively and efficiently sources the talent market to provide the perfect talent for you. We provide an all in one solution to your hiring troubles. Our RPO suite of solutions includes: Human Resource Outsourcing, Social Media Recruiting, Skill Set Assessment, Administration, Candidate joining.

Market Research

One of the foremost pre-requisite criteria to remain at the top of one's business, Market Research is important before any business decision making. Using the most advanced and methodical strategy we bring you the entire range of market research process outsourcing services. Product Development Research, SWOT analysis, Strategy Analysis, B2B, B2C Market Research, Media Research, Financial & Investment Research, Medical Market Research, Industry analysis and profiling, Brand positioning research, Target Marketing Analysis, Competitive Marketing Analysis, Sector specific Marketing Analysis- such as medical, retail, Automotive, Construction, Food, HealthCare, Advertising.

From Data Collection to the final step of delivering a well-researched report, our study is accurate based on the latest internet generated data. Our Market Research overview: Survey comprising of telephonic and internet surveys, Collection, Sorting and processing of data, Examination & Interpretation of data- Data Analysis, Online Market Research, Summarization of collated data into report, Recommendation based on report, Data mining.

Call Center Services

Avail our call center services for your inbound as well as outbound calls. Using our inbound call center facilities will help you to better your product and meet the demands of your customer's queries. Our outbound call center services will help with lead generation as well as telemarketing, thus facilitating in the growth of your profits. Our services comprises of:

Inbound and Outbound Sales

Lead Generation

Virtual Receptionist Services

Technical Support

Help Desk solution

IVR Services

Order Taking & Completion