Content Development / Content Writing

All websites today are vying for the same thing- reader's attention. Grabbing and holding a reader's interest from the first go is daunting task, especially when you are clueless how to go about it. Keywords that are search engine optimized would help your website's ranking, thus garnering more traffic. Web-content that is articulate, simple, search-engine optimized and textually rich would create the right impact for your website and that is what we at VA Talks help you with.

Our Content Services comprises of

SEO Content Services

Search engine ranking is one of the most daunting tasks at present with lots of the websites competing for the same, we craft for the optimized content that is search engine-friendly. Which increases the visibility of your website in the search results leading to more ROI generation.

Blog Services

While web blogs are the gateway for the relevant traffic to your website, general blogs also require a huge number of viewers to increase its popularity. We understand this very well and construct well-researched, information-rich, error-free content that intrigues the audience from the beginning to end of the write-up.

Business Writing

Expert writers at VA Talks construct persuasive, professional writing with complete information including the required questions like who, what, when, where, in relevancy with the context. With our proficient business writing services, you can simply intrigue prospective clients and customers.

Product Description Services

Our product description writing service is the simplest way of getting exceptional product portrayals made for your online store. Get a product portrayal that's streamlined (SEO-accommodating) so it's prepared to rank higher and carry traffic to your store.

Proofreading Services

Creating your own content is great, but to get the complete benefits out of it you can always trust us with the quality proofreading services that can help you get an error-free content.

Technical Writing Services

Technical write-ups requires minute understanding of technology and our proficient writers have a knack of describing complicated products precisely, clearly in simple words in a style that enables the users to understand the benefits of the product with ease. We have competency overall industry types maintaining the standards. We specialize in white papers, proposals, medical writing and many more.

Transcription Services

We are able to handle various file formats and give you the output in that specific format in accordance with the requirement. This includes analog recording, mp3 while output in PDF or in .TXT