Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are there any hidden or additional costs in hiring your virtual assistants or is there a commitment/contract for a minimum period?

    No, absolutely not! Your monthly subscription fees cover the use of equipment, office space and employee's salary. Charges for scanning, emailing as well as calling to any part of the world, is included in your monthly subscription plan. Also, there are no commitments or contracts to bind you to us, if you wish to leave. Plans are on a monthly basis, and once you choose to stop using our services, you may unsubscribe anytime.

  • Are unused hours rolled over to the next month? And how do I keep track on the hours charged/worked?

    No, any unutilized hours expire at the end of your billing cycle. Upon renewal, fresh hours will be credited into your VA Talks account. You can keep track of the used hours by simply logging in with your login credentials to our VA Talks customer portal.

  • Do you train your virtual assistants?

    We don't directly train our virtual assistants, as most of them come from professional backgrounds and have the requisite skills to perform your tasks. All our virtual assistants have an up to date knowledge on the latest software packages and technologies popularly used today. However, you may need to train them as to how your business works and the techniques you use in your work sphere. Giving a demo to your virtual assistant on what his/her tasks will be like, and how to perform them can be very fruitful to streamline your process.

  • Does my virtual assistant work on weekends/holidays and do you provide backup when my VA is away?

    Our VAs in VA Talks team work on any of your required days. However, we provide two days as day offs in a week to our VAs. Nevertheless, if you have a project that requires your VA to work on weekends/holidays, we are flexible to it- just give us some notice! And yes! All Vas at VA Talks are allowed to take leave in case of any health issues or any other personal reasons. VA Talks won't leave you stranded. All of our VAs have a back-up in case any emergency occurs.

  • Are your plans flexible? And how do you ensure quality control?

    Yes our working plan is flexible to suit your needs. You can change your plan, i.e., is upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any point of time. As per our policy, we do not rollover unused hours to the next month, so, we advise you to choose your plan prudently as per your utilization requirements. All your tasks are strictly monitored by your single point of contact, the supervisor present on floor. He/she keeps a keen eye on your tasks and delegates it to the best possible VA with the prerequisite to complete it. Also, all our VAs at VA Talks go through a thorough interview process, as a result, all our VAs are assiduous, meticulous and conscientious and are there to make your process smooth running.

  • What sets VA Talks apart from the competition?

    We have different groups of VAs who are dedicated to doing tasks what they are best at. So, for a VA who is good with administrative task and is pro with it, they are usually kept to those tasks. This is so done so as to ensure that there is no compromise in quality. Also, our VAs are very intuitive, we make suggestions and give our clients ideas to better enhance their work, instead of just following someone's instructions blindly. Also, we are not here only to earn money but to network, to do teamwork and to build relationships. As Steve Jobs said "Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people."

  • Are the VAs in an office environment with the necessary equipment and are they familiar with the US culture?

    Yes. Your virtual assistant at VA Talks works in an office environment with all the necessary equipment, like computer, printer, scanner and a phone which can make ISD calls to anywhere in the world, to facilitate your process. However, in case you need any other equipment installed for the benefit of your process, we are happy to accommodate you, without any charges to you. All our virtual assistants are very adaptable to US culture; however, all of them speak neutral English with a neutral accent.

  • Would I be assigned a dedicated VA and how do I get in touch with my VA?

    Yes, you are assigned a dedicated VA once you sign up to our VA 50 hours plan or above. However, for any plans below that, the supervisor on floor will be your single point of contact. You can get in touch with your VA by email, phone (VOIP) and Skype. Our virtual assistants are all trained and highly skilled, however, since every client has their own requirements, it is prudent to spend a little time and explain your business and requirements to your VA, this ensures smooth sailing in the future.

  • What is VA Talks′ refund policy?

    VA Talks endeavours to satisfy and meet the expectation of every single client. However, once your subscription fee is processed we do not grant any refunds. In case you wish to discontinue our services, you should cancel before your billing cycle commences for the month.

  • How safe is my data and if it is safe to give financial information like bank accounts and passwords to my virtual assistant?

    You can be rest assured that your data is secure with us and under no circumstance will we share your information with anyone. We have a highly secure data centre with a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) of 256- bit encryption, thus keeping all your information confidential. Also, all our virtual assistants at VA Talks need to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), once they join us. Once, you share your confidential information at VA Talks, only the authorised person with proper rights will have access to those information. Also, we use secure sharing systems like LastPass, OnePassword,etc, to ensure confidentiality.

  • What happens if I go over some hours?

    You will be apprised by our customer relations manager and you will be given any option to upgrade your plan immediately, purchase additional hours at the rate of USD 14/hour or waiting for your next billing cycle.

  • What are your office hours?

    VA Talks is opened 24/7 for 365 days of a year. Irrespective of any holiday, our executives are always trained to give our clients first priority.

  • Can I share my membership with other people?

    VA Talks allows you to send tasks only from your email addresses that are registered with us at So, whoever has the access to your email addresses can send us tasks and use our services. In case you wish for your family members, relatives or friends to send tasks to us on behalf of you, you would need to share your login credentials at VA talks with them.

  • Can I add other people to my account?

    Surely you may! You may add your family members, friends and co-workers to your account, once you sign up for our services. All we need is your consent, their names and email address.

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What Do Our Clients Say...

  • Very prompt and courteous. Knew exactly what was needed. Thank you!

    1_testimonial Lui Barns. A Happy VA Talks Customer
  • I tried quite a few VA companies to get my business tasks and day to day tasks done, but VA Talks have been much better among all, with strong communication, when it comes to getting support from overseas. The information was presented in a detailed fashion with support documents provided. The tasks were handled in a professional manner and quickly. Definitely going to stay with VA Talks! Highly recommended!

    1_testimonialDaniel Salajean. A Happy VA Talks Customer
  • I've had a fantastic experience with VA Talks so far. I've used them for little over 3 weeks now, from making appointments, getting price quotations from different websites, booking in tradesmen, to booking a nice table at my favorite restaurant. Every time I have found that, they've done a very professional job with all my tasks. I'd recommend and already have to many of my close friends and family. Well worth the money!

    1_testimonialToya Osborne. A Happy VA Talks Customer
  • I truly recommend VA Talks to everyone who needs a helping hand when overwhelmed with work. These guys have done a tremendous job starting from organizing my professional calendar, building social media strategy, making business plans to assisting me into my day to day work. These guys are great, thank you so much.

    1_testimonialAndrea Silva. A Happy VA Talks Customer
  • I came to them with a reasonably difficult task (statistics based), and they were willing to not only take on the task, but to do a wonderful job. And, I have to be honest, sometimes the tasks were tedious, but the attention to detail Ethan demonstrated was superb. Their communication is outstanding! I have never felt like I was being lead artsy, or that my task was not in good hands. The hard work and attention to detail is of great value and I can highly recommend the VA Talks Team.

    1_testimonialKaitlin Harkess. A Happy VA Talks Customer

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