In earlier times, there was the highly overpaid secretary or assistant whom people literally revered. Competent, cool, efficient and highly capable, these assistants helped to run the organisation smoothly. Jobs such as answering telephones, maintaining appointment diaries, arranging appointments, typing and word processing, filing and many such administrative tasks were reliably done by these secretaries or assistants. However, as times changed and demands rose, organizations wanted people who could these administrative tasks, yet, have a wider gamut. In short, organisations wanted employees without a fixed scope of organisational skills and people who didn’t have a pre-determined skill set. VA Talks strives for one single goal- YOUR SUCCESS.. Thus, virtual assistance began to gain steady popularity. Today, virtual assistants are much more than ‘just assistants’ and have a wide repertoire.

VA Talks, a relatively new virtual assistant company in the VA domain began its journey in the year 2015. The company was founded by former “Virtual Assistants”, thus, strengthening their position and providing them with a great degree of reliability in the VA industry. VA Talks consist of dynamic, energetic and skilled virtual assistants who aim to provide the best possible resolution to their clients with minimal time and resource utilization.  All virtual assistants are highly skilled and competent to work with any collaborative tools and software that you ask them to work with. Working 24×7, VA Talks strives for one single goal- YOUR SUCCESS. A VA Talks executive is different because his sole aim is customer satisfaction. He doesn’t do his job just for the sake of it! That’s why at VA Talks we make sure that every virtual assistant is driven, motivated and happy, because only when one is happy can he go about ensuring somebody else’s happiness. VA Talks makes sure that irrespective of whether you are a business or an individual, undivided attention is given to every need of yours. As a result, VA Talks has made sure that there are numerous diverse pricing plans to fit everyone’s pocket and requirement. Our virtual assistant s can always be contacted through any modes of communication, be it skype calling, instant messengers, phone calls or any possible ways that you can think of. This makes it certain that you are periodically updated on your task’s progress.

Some of the common tasks that a VA Talks executive can perform include online research, market surveys and analysis, cold calling, lead generation, web and app development, web designing, search engine optimization and search media optimization, data management and analysis, social media management, content writing, blogging, travel assistance, online shopping. A virtual assistant from VA Talks can do anything and everything, except perhaps brew your morning coffee!

Once you send us (or your dedicated assistant) a task, your VA understands every aspect of what the task necessitates and re-phrases it for confirmation. Our virtual assistant then gives you a regular hourly update on the task so that you can see how exactly your work is shaping up. This ensures complete satisfaction with the end product.

At VA Talks we understand that for anyone aiming to touch the pillars of success, time always equates to money. However, our executives make sure that your job takes minimal time without any compromise on quality. As we say, we are here because of you and to make you happy!